Starting narrated, while the kings during this reign Affairs Know now is housed in the Ranji Pasai Bernasi, this king and his people embraced Buddhism child, worshiping statues and a large timber that done by their ancestors.

In these days came a man named UMPU BELUNGUH.

As for this Belunguh Umpu (information from an old letter written in the book of made of bark) came from Medina (Arab land) and he has this ground and Bagdat SETAMBUL. From Medina he went to Hadramaut, and from the Hadramaut is not known how and what path it is up to Umpu Belunguh Ruyung Fence (West Sumatra).

The purpose of this trip Umpu Belunguh, is going to develop the Religion of Allah ie Islam. Arriving at Fence Ruyung this he found the people Fence Ruyung already embraced Islam. After some time he resided in Ruyung fence, then he proceeded to develop this religion of Islam along with 7 people upstream Balang giving his friend the king will ruyung fence.

They are combing the coastal walk-way Batanghari Musi (Resident of Palembang) up to a hamlet called Liba Hadji (Resident of Palembang). Liba Hadji This is the country’s Old, the seat of Poyang RAKIAN, who became king ruled the days sitting ini.Umpu Belunguh and commander-hulubalangnya go get Poyang Rakian and recounted his journey as the purpose is to develop the Islamic Religion. Poyang Rakian as well as people-people in these days arguably already embraced Islam. Some of the old as well as accompaniment-Umpu Belunguh retinue stayed at this Haji Liba and on one occasion he was asked permission at Poyang Rakian akanmeneruskan trip. His purpose is granted by the Poyang Rakian.

Umpu Belunguh joint commander-hulubalangnya to walk and also the one which the hamlet named SUBIK dimarga Ranau now. He lived a ride on the king’s ruling here is UMPU SEHUJAN, Umpu Belunguh as well as accompaniment-pengiringya lived here some time and will develop the Religion of Allah, but the people who dwell in this Subik and the king also has embraced religion of Allah. Umpu Sehujan of this.

Information that can Belunguh Umpu BERNASI people and not a Muslim king and today still worship the logs and statues. Umpu Belunguh explain the point at Umpu Sehujan will continue the journey. Therefore Umpu Sehujan very dear and believe in Umpu Belunguh, it is intended to correct Umpu Sehujan will go along with Umpu Belunguh. After looking for a good time as the trust kings of these periods, then collected some district chief-commander Umpu Sehujan and this they begin to depart to continue the journey toward BERNASI.

They – they are arrived at Sukau, continues to KEMBAHANG, continues to HANIBUNG (Stone defecation) and continue to BERNASI. Throughout the journey taken by them-they are mostly already well know and embrace the religion of Allah. Arriving in Bernasi them, then go Umpu Belunguh and Umpu Sehujan escorts and escort-get and introduced herself to the king in power here, is the Ranji Pasai (Umpu Sekarmong) as having been narrated very beginning. Umpu Belunguh and Umpu Sehujan as well as accompaniment-introduced himself as the king’s retinue Ranji Pasai, and live the king riding on this some time would mean the arrival of Umpu Belunguh-escorts and escort the king has not told this.

After a long acquaintance Umpu Belunguh invoking a request to the king Ranji Pasai, will be a keepsake of friendship, he was asked to place a piece of land to build the house. This request was granted King dengansegala happy, and given the king a piece of land called SANGAWIKH.

This is where Umpu Belunguh and the accompanying build a house, assisted by the peoples of the king Ranji Pasai. After the house was completed and attended by Umpu Belunguh and escort-escorts, then start running mean Umpu Belunguh assisted by Umpu Sehujan which will develop the religion of Islam. At first Umpu Belunguh develop this religion is on the peoples of King, and many are among the peoples who followed the king’s Ranji Pasai and strongly believe in the religion developed by Umpu Belunguh.

Nearly half the people of the king Ranji Pasai already under religion of Allah one day Umpu Belunguh go get a king Ranji Pasai with intent to convert the try-try this king. After some cross swords with the king, then Umpu Belunguh can Ranji Pasai decision of the king that he is not going according to Umpu Belunguh religion, and the king is not like changing the religion of his ancestors first.

Umpu Belunguh this a great scholar (alim) and half of people said that he was a shrine. He is not easily discouraged, and hard kemaun. He asked permission of the king would return to his home in Sangawikh. Umpu Belunguh repeatedly come get with the intent to convert the king of kings, but the king was determined not cooperate with me, and Umpu Belunguh received threats from the king will be expelled from Sangawikh, and when not wanted they can be evicted by force.

Umpu Belunguh and Umpu Sehujan and all the people-people who are under the influence, no bercemas heart of the king heard this threat, but with patience he has also run the point on all peoples who do not want to obey. Threats on Umpu Belunguh king and his escort, escorts narrated on Umpu Sehujan and on all those who have followed him.

Hearing this the king’s threats, then waxed warm the hearts of the people all Umpu Belunguh, and this at a time when many are the statues and idols were destroyed by the king of the people who already think Umpu Belunguh. It is known to the king, the king is His wrath collect-district chief and district chief of peoples to expel Umpu Belunguh with escort-escorts. But when the king is known that almost all people have broken from him and was under the influence Umpu Belunguh, then rajapun masgullah hearts and there arose a fear that he would expel from Sangawikh Umpu Belunguh.

Therefore it is very masgulnya king, against Umpu Belunguh, the king moved his palace in JERAMBAI (Bedudu). Once known Umpu Belunguh that the king was moved to Jerambai, then came the king Umpu Belunguh get it and will circumcise him. This king is not trying to think even with a very angry Umpu Belunguh expulsion from the palace. Umpu Belunguh recounted the case of the expelled king on all his followers. With disabarkan can not anymore, and the heat went down all people’s hearts Umpu Belunguh and Umpu Sehujan to Jerambai simply by means of his weapon with the intent to fight the king Ranji Pasai.

Having seen the King will be the followers Umpu Belunguh it comes with a gun, then the king how to prepare well people are going against the people Umpu Belunguh. At a time when it came to pass the war between the people of the king and the people Umpu Belunguh. Therefore nothing will be restrained by the people of the king of the people Umpu Belunguh attacks, then people ran out and the king glassware, and this king also fled to Mount Pesagi. Will plot this Pasai Ranji king no longer known, and half said the information he died.

Therefore Umpu Belunguh has got the victory in this war and Bernasi no longer have a king, then Umpu Belunguh with people-people occupying Bernasi. Volition and choice of all the people then Umpu Belunguh was appointed King in Bernasi. He continues to also run the religion of Islam with the intention to develop freely and have no distractions anymore.

Umpu Belunguh here anyway no wives and no son. Then lifted his 7

favorite person to be children, namely:

1. Banyan YOUNG, Origin descendants Perwatin Cape now.

2. Tatak, Origin descent Yakkub Ginting.

3. TATAU, Origin descendant of King Mountain Mala village leaders.

4. JAGA, the Home Affairs Canda Tarja Inner descent.

5. YELLOW, Origin Inner Parsi descent (who wrote this legend).

6. Mandan, descendant of King Noble Origin reef city.

7. Sindi pr, Origin Pesirah Recognize descent.

Each of those seven have had letters, and descriptions of their descendants.

Of the 7 children adopted Belunguh Umpu this, then his son to 5 (yellow) is seated, he became king in these days, replaced him. After the yellow seat became king, one day Umpu Belunguh was walking to see the natural sightseeing, then said half at a time when it Umpu Belunguh history is lost, where he had gone wallohualam no one knows.

Yellow Umpu also begat 4 persons namely:

1. KING leaders Anum

2. PENGERAN Mangkubumi



Leaders along with his brother King Anum kimas Nganjaga Inner Siba Siba in Banten is meant to connect silaturrahim and will ask for the greatness of the Sultan of Banten, and will be studying the matter of Religion. Leaders of King Anum obtain greatness from Banten and receive grace:

1. Supreme Umbrella

1. Spear

1. Iron Badju

2. Dish

1. Cindi Cain

1. Kain Limar

1. Jug

1. Fez commander

1. Dress length.

These items are half has been burned with my house (Remarks should be asked the same people Bumi Agung village). Goods are still in existence today that is;

1. Dish

1. Cindi Cain

1. Kain Limar

1. Jug

1. Tapestry Fabrics

These items can be issued when the house was on fire, because the store below, not above the ceiling. Will his brother who co-leader of King Anum SIBA (Kimas Nganjaga Inner) lived in Banten gone home, stay home Cikuning. Up to the present day descendants He was still in Cikuning (Bantam) and his men still speak of Lampung.

Anum leaders beranakkan THE KING KING NUKAH Hiang and became his descendants control the Kingdom. Second son and third leaders BARA RADJA MONTH IN THE AIRPORT Sang Hiang King Nukah beranakkan Pengeran Jaya Kesuma, ruled the kingdom during this.

PRINCE NATION Depati beranakkan KUSUMA JAYA RAJA, became king of these periods.

KING PRINCE NATION Depati beranakkan IRO BELUNGUH and second child HALIWANG male, Prince Iro Belunguh SIBA in Banten with Raden HU. Prince Iro Blunguh in the lift so the Prince with english comp besluit dates and numbers can not be read anymore because it was too tua.Sewaktu SIBA in Banten Belunguh Prince Iro can also greatness as the leader of King Anum above.

Iro Pengeran Belunguh beranakkan NATURAL CROWN KING, became king of these periods.

Natural Crown King two children, the elderly become hereditary kingdoms and ruled these periods. INNER Lion named the second brother and INNER INNER pr.bernama KANTJA LION old father of three who became the royal offspring and during this reign, Raden NGAIH brothers are both named KEY cheerful and a third brother named MAWAI ​​Women .. Raden besluit NGAIH also has become kria berluit during the reigns of English but it also helped with my house on fire

Raden NGAIH begat KERIA Natar Kesuma be kria during the reigns of English with besluit DDO 8 June 1784. Keria Natar Kusuma also begat 4 elderly people Depati pasirah a descendant of King. Being Pesirah with besluit DDO 6 November 1871. Both boxed Anum, Third and fourth THOUSAND INNER KERIA Anum.

Depati Pesirah birth 7 people:

1. Siti, the mother of INNER PARSI (who wrote tambo)

2. Radja Leaders

3. Inner Teraju

4. Pagar Alam

5. Biha pr.

6. Jisah pr.

7. Limah pr.

Siti, Mother of the Inner Parsi begat 5 people:

1. Inner Parsi -> is in slow Pakuon

2. Djarisah -> sudirman mediation.

3. Simah -> Bahwai

4. Aboet -> Isa or serun wide.

5. Djemudin -> begat: namely Hasan (marhadist, Damanhuri), namely Slamah M. Zaili N. tjanda, Minah-> Abas / Sriwati including M. Safi’i Waya, namely Erna’s fingers, which is mak ni maryama diamond terunggak

Leaders King (brother to 2.) From the Lady also begat 6 people:

1. Nur Piah pr.

2. Radijah pr.

3. Raini pr.

4. Halimah pr.

5. Ta’siah pr.

6. Rabima pr.

Inner Child Siti namely Persia, married with children older than King leader named Nur Piah. Such marriage is named Broken Pot. Broken pot that is a marriage of two children from two people who siblings.

Inner Parsi wives 3 people,

The old Nur Piah

Both themes

Third Harijah

Each wife has the same ancestry. Thus the origin of the Inner Parsi descent, as well as from the Inner Parsi descent, until the period was not narrated because there is no interest, but can be seen from the attached drawings with this ancestry.

Composed by me, at the Great Earth

DDO. February 20, 1939. (Inner Parsi)

copied in accordance with the original by:

Drs.Ec. Siraj Belunguh Ikhwan, SH (Descendants to 17)

Prince Sultan Iro Belunguh

Date, March 28, 2000

Offspring that can Explain:

1. Moeda banyan origin ancestry Perwatin Tanjung Now

2. Descendants of Jacob Ginting Tatak origin.

3. Tatau descendants are prominent Mount Kemala Inner Radja Bintang or Murdam skrg gutters in the field.

4. Djaga offspring Tardja Inner Affairs Tjanda or Alimuddin Umar

5. Inner breed Koening Parsi and now is M. Great Earth siraj

6. Mandan offspring Radja Reef City is Masrul Noble Peace.

7. Sindi breed is Pesirah Recognize Pr.

Yellow childless;

1. Leaders in the Earth King Anom great until now

2. Pengeran Mangkubumi Lebon no news

3. Inner Nganjaga Kimas Cikuning In this village there is H. Agus Rasyidi tel 0254-602884

4. Raden Mengunang. Lebon there is no news.

Anon leaders childless King:

1. Sangkiang king Nukah -> there are on Earth Great now or in the Slow Pakuon.

2. Month leaders Bara -> Sappan descendants now Agus Cape / Includes M. Puad, at the moment it happens that the leader in women’s own bakha of the three brothers, so that leaders ask the right ember months, and then answered by Sangkiang King Nukah that wait a minute I will ask KERIS and Payan, and then sign him to the room to ask and after exiting answered by him that KERIS and Payan could not talk and they brought KERIS and Payan on the Bara Month leaders to prove it because of KERIS and Payan after spoken to by leaders Month Bara can not reply, then he would run to a collection Tuha, continue to not come home, after all this time, leaders Month Bara home to Sangkiang King Nukah said they both of which are those of the other end (right nappak UDO) to make the fields, and therefore leaders in Bara home because their fields are completed, the leader Month Bara mengasih SAPPAN name means Tabak SAPPAN used to load ships. Starting from sikhing under durian up to the finished rice is SAPPAN. From Tabak Tabak until Hentalos’s name and embankment tobong SAPPAN SAPPAN’m so Causeway Causeway Tabak until Hentalos and continue to participate Segening way too Ulok Khupik Tabak’s name and at the time of opening (ngusi) JEKHUNAN named the Great Earth’s story, how it is left to the leaders Month Bara because they can not be done.

3. Radja Dibandar -> The breed is now the RM or Andi Mansyur Romanda live in majesties.

Sangkian Nukah childless King of Pengeran Djaya Kusuma.

Pengeran Jaya Kusuma Depati childless King Nation.

The childless King Depati:

1. Iro Pengeran Belunguh descendants on Earth The Great Slow Pakuon.

2. Haliwang male offspring is Sriwati and M. Safe’I Waya including M. Nuar / Jauhari peace known (ngijinjak)

Raden Hoe pengeran friends iro Belunguh SIBA to offerings.

Raden Hoe -> So Muakhi Khik tikeni Right now the offspring of M. Saidi or Samsuhilal

Iro Pengeran Belunguh begat Radja Crown Nature.

Natural Crown king begat:

1. Inner Lion -> his descendants on the Great Earth (Slow Pakuon)

2. Kantja Inner-> Pi’i mediation guaina Hentalos sabah.

Inner Lion birth:

1. Raden Ngaih. -> In Pakuon

2. Riang key-> M. Chodori / Maryadi Bandach

3. Mawai Pr-> Mail terusannya Kheteman G. Misfortune

Raden Kusuma Natar Ngaih begat Keria

Keria Natar Kusuma birth:

1. Depati Pesirah -> in the Slow Pekuon

2. Pack Anom -> Yazid Arbi or Bandach Iskandar.

3. Millennial Mind -> No Description

4. Keria Anom -> M. Tabran (ngijinjak)

Depati Pesirah wives 3:

1. of Salt House Liwa H. Sulton (Pekon middle Liwa) begat Siti

2. from Recognize -> abibrahman including leaders Radja cs

3. of Serungkuk no children and no children after taking the child from the peace terusannya Tajri

Children Depati Pesirah:

1. Siti -> there is at present pakuon

2. Radja leaders -> Baheram / makmunhadi or Zuawi / Nizom Indra-Bustami Talang Padang

3. Inner Teradjo -> in Ratai son bulk / Amen -> Burhan, Bekhudin Among Jacob’s father, Lihin -> Rahmad

4. Pagar Alam and his descendants Barnian Nuali

5. Biha-> Metudau in Bandung Know

6. Djisah -> mutudau in Cape M.yusuf (king of Nobility)

7. limah -> metudau in Bakhu (ismail)

8. Caya -> to pi’i or Bakhtiar bakhu

Siti husband of Sukau begat:

1. Inner Parsi -> is in slow Pakuon

2. Djarisah -> sudirman mediation.

3. Simah -> Bahwai

4. Aboet -> Isa or serun wide.

5. Djemudin -> begat: namely Hasan (marhadist, Damanhuri), namely Slamah M. Zaili N. tjanda, Minah-> Abas / Sriwati including M. Safi’i Waya, namely Erna’s fingers, which is mak ni maryama berlaian terunggak.

Radja Leaders Children: from 3 three-wives

1. Norpiah / mursiah -> from the first wife.

children of second wife:

1. Radidjah -> Bustami gutters meadow.

2. Raini-> Baheram / Zuwawi

3. Halimah-> M. Muslim Terunggak

4. Sa’diah-> M. Tabram

5. Rabima-> Aaron.

The Third Have No Children

Inner Parsi wife have three:

1. Aliah beranakkan Noerpiah first wife the mother of M. Siradj, Romelah bedudu son-> Minarsi, Munir, Marzani, Remuzi Bakri.

2. Siti beranakkan Hariah second wife Dena forwarded Day Temah Zani and his descendants are now in the Genesis of M. Thamrin.

3. The theme of the third wife of his descendants now beranakkan Mursal Damiri (Darmi-Paradise G. Kemala), (Afandi-A.rosidi), (marhamah to serungkuk), (rohmani to mediation), (Nurhaya-Liwa), (Faridah-Liwa), Ishmael is the son of M. Buchori, Asni., Aripin son is Ahadi, Sa’nah, Kesin, Nurhaida, Yauma Sa’diyah son now is Zaidar, yulina

Aliah husband Djais of kembahang as Radja Simbangan Slow Pakuon wait. Aliah Beranakkan:

1. The breed was in area Armapuri Siti Rukmasari, Sodri, Remuzi, Burhanan, Bunyamin.

2. Rohana in sekhukuk descendants are Saryani, Duana, Arijah

3. Moch. Siraj was slow pakuon and second wives in bed meant by the term tukhun Khoiri married the wife of his brother.

Keturunanya of First Wife:

a. Siraj Brotherhood Supreme beranakkan Prasetia Rachmad, Ika Indrasari, Ivana Rachmawati, Meiliana Indriyanti.

b. Lela M. Amrina beranakkan Apriansayah Nature, Raisa Dita Duwina, Rifki ardiasto, Princess angraini.

c. Supirman beranakkan Yongky, Andika, Jessica

d. Ruida beranakkan descended Natwadila, M. Hanif Risbullah

e. Suryadi, Eva beranakkan

f. Surya Aswani beranakkan Devina Aya Khairun nisa, Moch, Ridho

g. Samsuddin no offspring

h. Masniar No Descendants.

From Second Wife:

a. Misroni offspring is SEVI

b. No descendant of Darwin

c. Linaria No Descendants

4. Sekhipah there are descendants in cape khoirul judge, Masdaria, Asmawati, Rozali, ida

5. Khoiri offspring

a. Khusnan offspring is pratama Chandra, knight

b. Munsir offspring is Risa

c. Suharti offspring is Dirka Main

In order for a fuller explanation is needed cooperation among us so that established good cooperation and tied a rope from the Magra Belunguh Silaturrahmi YELLOW descent, so for all the brothers who are lineages that each makes for a more complete and better.

To facilitate identity We will from now on we use in order to facilitate communication Marga Belunguh our next offspring.

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